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Rahul Patel
Hi, my name is Rahul Patel and I am running to be your President for the coming year!

Why vote for me?
As one of the 5 First Year Representatives chosen for this year, I have fully immersed myself into exactly what goes on behind the scenes and I am confident that I have the knowledge and drive to take this society to greater heights.
For events such as Diwali Ball and Garba I took on extra roles and assisted with the catering and venue planning. When it came round to Rangeela, I was the Deputy Stage Manager and in charge of lighting, giving me a hands-on insight into the backstage runnings of the show. Here I had to be assertive and make quick decisions, skills that I believe are essential in leading a committee. Next year I look forward to taking on even more responsibility and using my experience to shape the future of our society.

What is my vision?
• To ensure that with everything we do, we keep our chosen charity at the forefront of all of our events.
• To ensure that our members obtain a deeper religious understanding behind the events that we hold throughout the year.
• With smaller events, such as Welcome Mela and Rangeela Launch, I will aim to integrate them with more informal socials such as Bollywood Karaoke Nights.
• To provide more sporting opportunities for our members, including an inaugural Hindu Society Cricket Team and a greater emphasis on girls sports teams.
• With our flagship event, Rangeela, I would like to improve guidance for choreographers and expand marketing to Bollywood Media across the UK

Having had the chance to interact with every member of the committee, and in understanding the requirements of each of their roles, I understand how to maximise the potential of the entire team. I believe that in having a clear vision for the progression of the society, I will be able to bring my individual strengths to build on its successes. I hope you’ll consider me for your vote!