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Part-Time Officers
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Lewis Jarrad
London is in the midst of a housing crisis. Students are being exploited for profit by landlords and letting agents to be left with substandard accommodation at extortionate rents. This disproportionately affects minority groups and causes people to have to drop out of university. As a Cut the Rent and Stop the Elephant Development activist I believe that this is everyone's problem - tenants must be made aware of their rights and given the tools to fight back. I shall collaborate with housing campaigns and the new London Renters Union to represent UCL students in the private sector and push for affordable, accessible, and decent housing.
Jack Kershaw, Halls Accommodation Rep
Dominique Hua & Kendall Field-Pellow, Cut The Rent activists
Rashad Ramali
Hi! I'm Rashad, a second year medical student. I want to be your next External Accommodations Officer because I understand how difficult it is to find accommodation that is both comfortable AND affordable, especially around Central London. I want to represent and help UCL students who are living out, by making the process simpler and more straightforward. I want UCL to play more of an active role in helping students find their accommodation but also educate them enough so that they cannot be taken advantage of by landlords.