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Sabbatical Officers
Voting closed 10 months ago.
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Farooq Dean /

Farooq Dean
Manifesto Summary: 

Hi, I'm Farooq! I'm in my third year, studying Computer Science. I've worked as a Student Ambassador, been involved in the Islamic Society, sat on the Societies Colours Panel in my second year, and am currently a Student Trustee. I'm running to be your next Education Officer because quite frankly, we're paying some crazy fees and not getting enough for them. Put your trust in me, and I will work solidly on the following:

1. OPPOSE GPS LOCATION MONITORING - UCL plan to monitor student attendance using mobile GPS tracking. This is an invasion of your privacy! I will continuously work to oppose this.

2. QUICKER EXAM TIMETABLE RELEASE - keep the student body consistently updated on internal processes, so we know exactly who is accountable for slow exam timetable release, leading them to work more efficiently and release them quicker!

3. INCREASED MENTAL HEALTH FUNDING - to put it bluntly, UCL's current levels of funding to Student Psychological Services and so on, shows an alarmingly low level of concern for student wellbeing. I will push for more funding and better equipped mental health services!

4. FREE FAMILY GRADUATION TICKETS - ever had extra costs sprung on you during your course? Trips, lab equipment, and the kicker - having to pay bucketloads for family when buying graduation tickets! I will expand the current Don't Pay Again campaign to include a wider variety of hidden costs we pay, including extra printing credit, reduced library fines, and REVAMP THE GRADUATION TICKET SYSTEM!

I'm committed to change, ...

Manifesto Document: 

Matthew Lee /

Matthew Lee
Manifesto Summary: 

Hi, I'm Matthew and I'm a Politics, Sociology and East European Studies student at SSEES. I firmly believe that the students union needs an Education Officer who will fight the massive problems of inaccessibility within education on campus. This includes the high course costs for books and materials (in particular within Arts and Architecture courses), as well as the hidden increases in costs such as the unfairly high costs of rents, something which I have already been heavily fighting for as an activist in the Cut The Rent campaign.

On top of that I wish to help assist lecturers and (in particular PGTAs), in receiving the resources that they need and the fair pay that they deserve, in order for them to be able to give us as students the best education that we can have. As well as academics, I would continue to fight for the rights of the cleaners and other staff at UCL who help run our campus, as I have been doing as an organiser in the "UoL Justice for Workers" campaign.

Furthermore, I will campaign to help students receive decent mental health funding, which is currently massively underfunded at UCL, that they need and deserve, continuing my organising as part of the "UCL: Fund Our Mental Health Services" campaign. Moreover, I will offer support to the BME Officer and network in their fight to decolonise the curriculum at UCL and oppose Prevent, as well as offering support to the Womens and LGBTQ Officers and Networks ...

Manifesto Document: 

Rica Kelly /

Rica Kelly
Manifesto Summary: 

MISS RICA KELLY, Doctoral Researcher (Lond).

“Be Crazy Enough To Convince Yourselves That Perfection Is Not A Figment Of The Imagination, In Order To Aspire To Become Better Versions Of Yourselves” -Rica Kelly

Rica is an effective Research & Development Consultant, Trained Educator & Educational Planner, Global Keynote Speaker, Academic and Creative Writer, Transformational Coach (academic, career/business, nutrition and spiritual), Founder & CEO of a global non-profit for females, CEO of her group of companies and Influencer for various brands.

Rica has over 10 years teaching experience and she excels as a workshop facilitator, curricula developer and a trained literacy consultant. She is an educational planner and researcher that does mainly transdisciplinary work. She advocates for females to access quality education and leadership opportunities, through her organisation, The Global Women Of Power Foundation and while working closely with UNWomen, UNESCO and UNICEF.

An educator with over 10 years teaching experience, which covers the whole gamut of teaching levels, ranging from Key Stages 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. She is passionate about the field of education and is interested in how each discipline adds to the narratives about education and the wider policy framework. Her doctoral research is multidisciplinary and draws on works in the fields of sociology, architecture, technology and philosophy.

Her achievements are extensive, but just to name a few: Project Coordinator at UNESCO, Vice Chancellor’s Alumni Ambassador at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, the Founder of the Literacy Intervention Programme (LIP), Jamaican cultural ambassador who has benefitted from the Miss Jamaica Festival ...