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Saoirse McGilligan
As PR and Social Director of Diplomacy in Action this year, I have been an active member of the committee. My first hand experience in organising events has allowed me to see the exact work required for successful events, and puts me in a strong position to ensure that as a society we continue with these over the next year. As a society, we have organised a wider range of events this year, and this is something I would be particularly keen to push ahead with if elected President. This would ensure that the society remains relevant for all levels across UCL, in all subjects.

Furthermore, I strongly believe the social dimension of the society is a key area in which we can improve. I have already achieved this to some degree this year, as we have organised more social events so that members are able to feel part of an actual society, rather than attending talks, for example with our pub quizzes. However, I am keen to extend this further, so that everyone feels comfortable, welcome and confident in the society.

My leadership and team-work experience will allow me to successfully lead the society as President next year, and through meeting you at events as a committee member, I have learned how to improve the society further.
Nikolas Koch
Nikolas Koch

Diplomacy in Action is certainly one of the most difficult, but also rewarding societies at UCL to be involved in. Dialogue, discussion and debate are at the heart of DiA, and these will be my manifesto to run for President of the society for next year to ensure it continues to grow and flourish.

Personally, I am a British-born German, studying History. I have had an interest in particularly European and Baltic politics for many years, learning both French and Russian as part of my degree. My international political interests have no doubt been long-standing, as for example I organised the first ever Model Arctic Council in Europe. However, DiA has increased both my knowledge and passion in world affairs through excellent speakers like Jeremy Bowen, Karwan Tahir and Manuel Hassassian, and I would like to ensure that this high standard is kept, if not improved after my election.

Additionally, if elected as President, I would attempt to enact a number of changes to the society;
1. I would attempt for greater dialogue with members on it by increasing the number of student-written articles, as well as attempting to introduce polls and feedback. These will allow members of DiA to show the committee what issues they are interested in.
2. I will also pledge to encourage greater discussion between members by organising regular meetings to discuss recent events in world politics, in addition to trying to organise more multi-person panel events
3. Finally, I will aim to nurture debate by having more combined events with other societies, as well as trying to establish some cross-collegiate links with other universities around London, like the LSE.

I hope that these ideas interest you, and if you have any other suggestions or comments feel free to contact me.

Nikolas Koch / find me on Facebook

Sam Beal
Toby Payne
James Kinder
Diplomacy in Action Society
James Kinder for President

If the heart of Diplomacy in Action is to promote international cooperation, then the desire for association must stem from its members. As President, my goals are simple but necessary: to promote community, expand the variety and inclusiveness of events, and to provide career preparation for members.

You may now be asking yourself: how do I know that he can deliver on this? Most importantly of all, I have a vision for how I wish the society to be by the end of my tenure, and the confidence to push through these bold changes. My involvement with the Economics Department’s newspaper, The Drayton Tribune, has already provided me with an insight into the running of a student organisation. I have already proven my leadership credentials prior to UCL, by transforming my school’s chess society from a loose association of students into a successful, competitive community of players. Becoming President of DiA will no-doubt present me with new challenges, but I welcome this as an opportunity for further development, because I have the determination to exert the same transformative influence that I have demonstrated in the past. This is my promise directly to you, the members.

My ideas will transform DiA into a society that more accurately reflects the student body, by organising more speakers to come in, more frequently, from a wider array of backgrounds and with greater access to events. Presently, the number of spaces available for events is heavily restricted, and this is simply inadequate. The society cannot grow if access is closed off from its membership.

I will transform the membership into a community through the organisation of more social events, and integrate this with skills workshops. Over the long-term, I desire to setup a careers support service within the society, provided advice for jobs and internships in diplomacy. Other societies do a fantastic job of promoting internships and careers events, and I believe that this is a platform that DiA can learn from.
Oscar Hinze
My name is Oscar Hinze and I am studying Astrophysics.

I am putting myself forward for President primarily because I have great respect for the society and want to help to improve its already excellent reputation by organising the best events for its members. I am also very interested in diplomacy and foreign affairs; as I have a diplomat in the family I know what an exciting and varied field it is. I hope to have a career in this field, and this position will hopefully give me more insight into what that would be like.

I believe I would be successful in that role for several reasons. I have some experience of leading a student society already; having been president of the Physics and Engineering society at my school. I have plenty of experience working in a team, whether with MPs from across the Commonwealth at the most recent Commonwealth Parliamentary Association seminar in Westminster, or with fellow students in a successful bid to finish top in the country in a robotics challenge during secondary school. I am also comfortable with public speaking.

If I were successful in my bid, I would like to do three things in addition to arranging high-quality events for members. Firstly, I would hold more socials so that members of the society can get to know each other better. Secondly, I would create a weekly round-up of the most interesting news pieces in the field of foreign affairs to be emailed to members. Finally, I would endeavour to organise some kind of exchange with an equivalent society at a foreign university, whether that be in the form of joint events or visits.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you seriously consider me for the post of President next year.