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Sabbatical Officers
Voting closed 10 months ago.
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Number of vacancies: 1


Mahmudur Rahman /

Mahmudur Rahman
Manifesto Summary: 

Mahmudur Rahman - Creating Space to Grow!

UCL is expanding at a rapid pace, but the space available to accommodate this increasing number of students isn't growing. My key concern is working to ensure that the space projects UCL are currently working on prioritise your voices in how they are being developed. This includes the upcoming UCL East Campus in Stratford, UCL Student Centre in Bloomsbury, and the space restructuring consultation in IoE. By prioritising your voice, I'll ensure that UCL's financial investment in these spaces works for you.

I also want campus to feel like a place where you can express your ideas freely and engage with people who oppose and agree with you without feeling like you are being spied on. UCL's PREVENT strategy doesn't factor student voices in the way it is implemented. I want to run open consultation and Q&A sessions with the PREVENT coordinator at UCL so that your voice is heard.

I also know that the Union is extremely bureaucratic and not many people understand the bye-laws that govern the union. Most people don't even know that they exist. I'm going to revamp the presentation of the bye-laws into an interactive format so that it makes sense to you.

University is all about personal growth, I want to create a union that gives you the space to grow!

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Jack Kershaw /

Jack Kershaw
Manifesto Summary: 


I will return the Union to a grassroots force run by students, for students. I’ll do this by making sure all events are advertised well in advance and increasing transparency within Union processes and finances.


There’s a mental health crisis at UCL; whilst student numbers have almost doubled in past years - funding for our services has not. I will continue to work with UCL: Fund Our Mental Health Services to make sure each student gets the help they deserve.


I’ll ensure UCL invests in more study spaces as student numbers continue to increase. I’ll also reform the Room Booking System so existing space can be used effectively by clubs and societies.


There’s a huge divide between the quantity of recreational drugs students are taking, and the acknowledgement of this fact by UCL. I want to see a Student’s Union that confronts this- hosting workshops on safe drug use/harm reduction and selling subsidised drug testing kits.


I’ll continue to campaign for genuinely affordable, accessible and decent accommodation for all students living in both UCL and UoL halls.


I’m a second year Classics student involved in many campaigns on and off campus, including:

- Negotiated with UCL management for £1.2m of rent cuts and bursaries as part of UCL, Cut the Rent.

- Led the successful campaign for UCL to remain in the National Union of Students.

- Campaigns ...

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Sheryl Banas /

Sheryl Banas
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