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Andreas Papavasiliou
Despite being widely recognized for my stunning looks and humble personality, I will with your help, be also known for shaping our society with a new perspective.
Michalis Hapides
Who am I?

Hello, my name, is Michalis Hapides, 21 years old from Nicosia, Cyprus. I am a first year Mathematics Student and I am running for President of the Cypriot and Hellenic Society.
I can describe myself as a determined and energetic person with a desire for hard work and success. I want the members of our Society to feel that I am a person they can trust and rely on.

What I want to achieve?

If I am elected as a President of the Cypriot and Hellenic Society I will work hard to achieve, some of the main ideas I have:
• Create an online survey before the start of the academic year, dedicated to first year students so that they can express any interests they have, any concerns about university life and also if they may want any help. Also create a survey at the end of the year for feedback from members of the society on things required to be improved.
• Organise weekly or twice a month, meetings with the society committee for better communication and organisation.
• Organise more events such as live football nights, theatre & movie nights, traditional Greek nights and also arrangement of various Tournaments like Beer Pong and Poker.
• Set up a Mentoring system within our society, where each fresher student will be assigned with a mentor either from second or third year, who can help him/her settling in the first months in the university, helping and giving advice to any difficulties or questions the first-year student might have.
• Make everyone feel an active member of the family of the Hellenic and Cypriot Society.
• Potentially organise a trip abroad at the end of the year for the members of the society.

Reasons to Vote for me.
Why vote for me:

• Because I am determined to maintain and improve the strong bonds between the members of the society.
• Because my main aim is to ensure that every student within our society has access to whatever support they need.
• Because I am a friendly, easy going person who is eager to help, work and interact with the members of the Society on a daily basis.
• Because I will work hard to make sure that the complaints or suggestions of YOU are taken into consideration.


• Been part of Student Committees as a president or a member throughout my high-school years.
• Being Active member of Societies during my first year at University.
Charalambos Toumazis

Why me?
Because, I am a very deeply thoughtful individual, who is very independent and always likes seeking new challenges.

I strongly believe that I have the right capabilities and experience for this position due to my skills in many aspects.
During my military service, I lead 16 soldiers in my unit and was appointed to serve the sergeant's office.
I was also selected to be an instructor at the training center (KEN) for new upcoming soldiers of the month of July, 2016, training approximately 120 soldiers for a period of one month.
Also, had the opportunity to work for 2 months as a student intern after finishing my military service in Cyprus and overseas (Qatar).

Studying an engineering degree helped me develop my dexterities.
I have evolved my team working skills, my planning, resourcing and interpersonal skills.
I was also voted to be the team leader for both challenges (1-month duration) and scenario week (1 week) in my degree program.