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Teddy Favre-Gilly
The Consulting Society is a mere three years old, yet has already gathered a following of 2,000 people*. Having been a Marketing Executive this year, I have been highly involved with the society, personally inviting 2 high profile speakers - a managing director at Finalta, a McKinsey subsidiary and the Head of Market Initiatives and Industries at PWC. I intend to continue inviting speakers of the highest calibre to give our members the best insight and networking opportunities.

My ‘TechCon’ initiative will see the creation of a new department within the society for Tech Consulting - a field that is growing in size and reputation and which is becoming increasingly aligned with high level strategy and management consulting. Next year I intend to host case study sessions, inspirational speakers and Q&A sessions to best prepare students from any background for this growing sector.

Finally I want to place more emphasis on professional advice. Under my presidency, the society will conduct Application Workshops which will offer information on application deadlines, cover letter and CV guidance, and mock interview questions.

I believe this society can grow further on the back of its impressive growth since its inception. Next year I will ensure that the society provides high level exposure and insight into consulting and becomes one of the most dynamic at UCL .

*2,000 people refers to the mailing list database, on which we base our calculation
David Acock
Hi there, my name is David and I am a postgraduate student at UCL.
We will learn the Knowledge, Strategy, and Execution to become successful consultants in our niches.
Voting for me will ensure this community becomes the go-to place to connect, build relationships, share ideas, get help and support and grow our business networks.
I have a keen interest in NLP, Neuro linguistic programming and cryptocurrencies and I will invite key speakers to share their knowledge with the consulting community.