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Voting closed 10 months ago.
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Number of vacancies: 1


Neelendra Ghosh

Neelendra Ghosh
Manifesto text: 

I’m a second year Arts and Sciences student and current Academic Rep. My main goals are: to work to diversify the curriculum at UCL – include work by BME academics, maintain a range of perspectives from around the world, encourage reflexivity about how colonialism has shaped academia.

To hold UCL accountable for tolerating racist ideology on our campus after the eugenics conference debacle. I want UCL to be an inclusive campus where people from ethnic minorities feel they belong, and to address the BME attainment gap.

To facilitate more consultation of BME students about their concerns and experiences. It feels like many people who aren’t actively involved with the BME network are having their voices go unheard.

Finally, I’d like to get involved with UCL’s Access and Widening Participation programmes to make sure young people feel confident that UCL is a place they’d like to be. Particularly for the Arts and Humanities, where BME people tend to be underrepresented.

I want to help drive serious change at UCL – please help me do so by voting for me to be a BME committee member!