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Yan Chong

Yan Chong
Manifesto text: 

Hi! My name is YanWen and I am running for the position of President of the Biopharma Society, in hopes of bringing this society to new heights.

Being in 3 different committees in this second year of university has taught me varied skills and valuable experience. As the Producer of a student production comprised of 125 cast and crew, I was given the chance to liaise with external stakeholders, and manage departments ranging from publicity to sponsorship to backdrops. This managerial role with a focus on logistical aspects helped me grow as a leader and event organiser. I have also taken up the role of the President of UCL Chocolate Society, working with a smaller committee to organise social events. More relevantly, as a Careers Executive in the Biopharma Society, I have worked in a team to bring forth biopharmaceutical company assessment centre workshops, career networking sessions, and CV clinics to our members this year. I believe the combination of being detailed-oriented, having good inter-personal skills, and unique experiences make me a suitable candidate.

If elected I would aim to:

- integrate the different teams (Conference, Careers, Marketing) to improve efficiency of individual job scopes and fulfilment of team members

- increase the scale of career events by organising a larger careers fair, and having more frequent company specific workshops

- improve on the flagship conference outreach by continually seeking to have more varied, useful and engaging activities for members

I think these aims will have a positive impact on the UCL ...