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Part-Time Officers
Voting closed 10 months ago.
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Number of vacancies: 1


Anna Routova /

Anna Routova
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Mabel Moll /

Mabel Moll
Manifesto Summary: 

Hi I’m Mabel and I’m running for Arts Officer because I want to represent the interests of the wonderful arts community here at UCL. This coming year will be marked by the reopening of the Bloomsbury Theatre after a 3 year closure, something I’ve campaigned for during my entire time at UCL. I have been heavily involved in arts societies, most notably Musical Theatre (of which I was president 2016-17), Live Music, Drama and Dance. I have experience meeting with both Union and UCL management so am confident in my ability to advocate for the entire arts community.

My priorities are space and support for activities, representation within the wider student body and facilitation of innovation and collaboration. Specifically, an increase in performance, rehearsal and storage space, the creation of ‘Arts Night’ in union bars to give us equal status and recognition to sports, and improved communication and consultation on matters that affect our activities.

Have a read of my manifesto for more detail, and don’t forget to vote!

Manifesto Document: