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Aaliya Manji

Aaliya Manji
Manifesto text: 

Hi, my name is Aaliya and I am running for the position of treasurer for the Artificial Intelligence Society. I am currently a second year studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Whether you are interested in a career in technology, healthcare, consulting, banking, having your own business, and most other industries, AI will most likely play a part. Through the role of treasurer, I would love to make AI more accessible to the UCL student body by increasing sponsorship and budgeting for the most fun and helpful events.

Having been a part of one of the largest societies in the union this year, UCL EFS, I understand what it takes to run a society well; being 100% committed alongside my degree to make sure that all the members get to experience interesting and enjoyable talks, masterclasses and socials. Being treasurer means planning the budget and logistics for all the events that we run so that our members can get the best out of them.

One of my biggest projects from this year was co-founding the London Startup Fair 2018 in collaboration with other universities which involved over 40 companies and had an attendance of over 1000 students learning about startup and technology from entrepreneurs themselves. From this, I developed my skills in organising large scale events, from liaising with CEOs and HRs to marketing and ensuring health and safety. Not only that but through this I have been in touch with many AI focused startups who I would love for the AI Soc to partner ...