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Aditya Chugh

Aditya Chugh
Manifesto text: 

Hi! I am Aditya Chugh and I would like to be UCL’s American Society’s Treasurer for next year. Societies are an incredibly important part of our university experience, and American Society is a fantastic resource for Americans studying full time or on an exchange program with events like Thanksgiving dinner at Cut+Grind to bar socials at Phineas. With prior experience as UCLU’s International Communications Officer, I want to help improve the young society to ensure its success for the upcoming years.

If elected, I want to improve three key things for American Society....

1. Partner with similar societies at LSE/Imperial/King’s for larger events.

2. Lower the price to be a member from £5 to £3.

3. Organise more social events revolving on major American events such as sport championship games, elections, etc.