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Syed Haque
Manifesto text: 

The BPSA is a vital society that provides support and representation for all pharmacy students, therefore it is an extremely helpful and important society that I believe all students can benefit from. My goal is to increase the level of participation of SOP students in the BPSA, by getting more of us involved in the various opportunities provided by the BPSA such as competitions, awards and student exchange opportunities. I also aim to promote networking events through the BPSA which allows SOP students to have a look at potential future career opportunities and options to consider when they graduate from the course. I am a friendly, approachable and positive person, so I will always be happy to listen and take on board your suggestions. I will work alongside academic staff and students themselves to consider any ideas, agendas, ideas and notions that they may have that I am more than happy to raise to the BPSA on their behalf to ensure all of their voices are heard to enhance they can get the best out of BPSA for everyone to benefit them on the course and graduating from the course. I will make sure each SOP student at UCL makes the most of the connections we can build through the BPSA and make us stand out from the crowd in the future! Let us make a positive difference together. VOTE SYED :)