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Saoirse McGilligan
Manifesto text: 

As PR and Social Director of Diplomacy in Action this year, I have been an active member of the committee. My first hand experience in organising events has allowed me to see the exact work required for successful events, and puts me in a strong position to ensure that as a society we continue with these over the next year. As a society, we have organised a wider range of events this year, and this is something I would be particularly keen to push ahead with if elected President. This would ensure that the society remains relevant for all levels across UCL, in all subjects.

Furthermore, I strongly believe the social dimension of the society is a key area in which we can improve. I have already achieved this to some degree this year, as we have organised more social events so that members are able to feel part of an actual society, rather than attending talks, for example with our pub quizzes. However, I am keen to extend this further, so that everyone feels comfortable, welcome and confident in the society.

My leadership and team-work experience will allow me to successfully lead the society as President next year, and through meeting you at events as a committee member, I have learned how to improve the society further.