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Oscar Hinze
Manifesto text: 

My name is Oscar Hinze and I am studying Astrophysics.

I am putting myself forward for President primarily because I have great respect for the society and want to help to improve its already excellent reputation by organising the best events for its members. I am also very interested in diplomacy and foreign affairs; as I have a diplomat in the family I know what an exciting and varied field it is. I hope to have a career in this field, and this position will hopefully give me more insight into what that would be like.

I believe I would be successful in that role for several reasons. I have some experience of leading a student society already; having been president of the Physics and Engineering society at my school. I have plenty of experience working in a team, whether with MPs from across the Commonwealth at the most recent Commonwealth Parliamentary Association seminar in Westminster, or with fellow students in a successful bid to finish top in the country in a robotics challenge during secondary school. I am also comfortable with public speaking.

If I were successful in my bid, I would like to do three things in addition to arranging high-quality events for members. Firstly, I would hold more socials so that members of the society can get to know each other better. Secondly, I would create a weekly round-up of the most interesting news pieces in the field of foreign affairs to be emailed to members. Finally, I would endeavour to organise some kind of exchange with an equivalent society at a foreign university, whether that be in the form of joint events or visits.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you seriously consider me for the post of President next year.