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Nikolas Koch
Manifesto text: 

Nikolas Koch

Diplomacy in Action is certainly one of the most difficult, but also rewarding societies at UCL to be involved in. Dialogue, discussion and debate are at the heart of DiA, and these will be my manifesto to run for President of the society for next year to ensure it continues to grow and flourish.

Personally, I am a British-born German, studying History. I have had an interest in particularly European and Baltic politics for many years, learning both French and Russian as part of my degree. My international political interests have no doubt been long-standing, as for example I organised the first ever Model Arctic Council in Europe. However, DiA has increased both my knowledge and passion in world affairs through excellent speakers like Jeremy Bowen, Karwan Tahir and Manuel Hassassian, and I would like to ensure that this high standard is kept, if not improved after my election.

Additionally, if elected as President, I would attempt to enact a number of changes to the society;

1. I would attempt for greater dialogue with members on it by increasing the number of student-written articles, as well as attempting to introduce polls and feedback. These will allow members of DiA to show the committee what issues they are interested in.

2. I will also pledge to encourage greater discussion between members by organising regular meetings to discuss recent events in world politics, in addition to trying to organise more multi-person panel events

3. Finally, I will aim to nurture debate by having more combined events with other societies, as well as trying to establish some cross-collegiate links with other universities around London, like the LSE.

I hope that these ideas interest you, and if you have any other suggestions or comments feel free to contact me.

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