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Millicent Ryan
Manifesto text: 

My name is Millie Ryan, and I am currently the captain of UCL Horse Riding Club’s first team. I am running for President because I am really passionate about Horse Riding, and believe that I can aid the club in achieving its full potential.

My role as first team captain has provided me with excellent experience for the position of president, giving me insight into how the club deals with the union, runs it competitions and manages its membership. It has also allowed me to observe areas in which the club could be improved.

Whilst the teams have done well this year, I believe that the approach to training needs to be more competitive to fulfill our potential. Therefore, if elected, I would propose a change of venue from Lee Valley to Trent Park. Whilst this would mean increased lesson prices, the better quality of horses used in the lessons would be highly beneficial in competitions as we would be training at the same level as the other teams. Riding well-schooled horses would not only enable increased focus on rider position, which is the key to success in BUCS competitions, but would make the lessons a much more enjoyable and valuable experience. I would also establish ‘review sessions’ after competitions to discuss marks and feedback, as well as after lessons; filming ones riding and watching it back highlights what could be better. Lessons themselves need to be more competitively focused, with test and course practice at the forefront of the content. I would also push for the club to be taken more seriously as a sporting society, which would mean greater union funding, participation in varsity, matching club kit and a more established social calendar for both the team and the club riders. The social events within the club have been limited this year, so I would organize meals, evening socials, and perhaps most importantly, loop queue jump! These changes will have a positive impact on the club because they will result in improved results at team competitions, as well as greater unity between members.

Thank you for reading my manifesto. I hope the main aims outlined here are clear, but please feel free to e-mail me at should you have any questions.