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Kwan Cheuk
Manifesto text: 

I am a first year student. Since I entered UCL MODO fashion society, I feel like this is second place for me to stay after school. This is where I have met a lot of great people who has some passions in fashion as I do. I love this society as all the members are kind, nice; they actively help out freshers or seniors, and organising events such as night out and fashion show. I believe this is how a society should be: keep moving. For me, I have been actively involved in the society (mostly the modelling part) as I have interest in modelling. From joining the workshops to actually walking in the fashion show, everything was amazing and I feel inspired by this society. Therefore, I would like to run for president position to let the people feel that inspiration. I wish to be more involved in the society, whatever I will be taking responsibilities. I wish to take the lead to let the society keep moving; to gather the greatest models, photographers etc to organising better and bigger events. Just to aim to let everyone in the society that we are always stay and work as a team.

I have some leadership experiences. I am a hall rep this year. I was the school prefect, sports house vice captain and house prefect in high school. I firmly believe that having these background experiences will empower me the skills to lead the MODO fashion society next year. I study mechanical engineering for my degree. Therefore, I am confident in managing a and multi-tasking the issues that will be happen in the society. I know it will be going to be tough however I am totally willing to take this challenge.