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Why are you standing?: 

Last September, I flew 11,711km away from home and set foot in Heathrow, optimistic yet anxious for university. From sky-high fees to culture shock, I’ve faced the eclectic struggles that come with being an undergraduate Londoner and the journey was/is far from smooth sailing.

I’m standing because I believe that the journey can be made easier for everyone, that you can enhance your London-living experience by having a reliable international students network that’s informative, supportive,and responsive - this is my vision for our Forum.

Throughout middle and high school, I occupied numerous Student Council committee roles and attended various international conferences. Additionally, I’m currently one of the StARs here at UCL. These opportunities have nurtured me into an open-minded global citizen with honed organisation, collaboration,and communication skills, all of which will be useful for representing you.

Should I be elected, I’ll strive to:

1. Better promote the existence of our Forum and events

2. Arrange information sessions on international tuition fees and the post-study work visa

3. Campaign for better mental health support, scholarships, and bursaries for international students

4. Build partnerships with UCL Careers, UCLU cultural societies, and international student networks at other universities to run joint campaigns/events