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Sharon Yip

Sharon Yip

I’d like to stand for President of Anatomy Society.

Serving as the exhibition director this year has been an absolute joy; I’ve gotten to know the committee as well as made some friends along the way. We have received excellent feedback and achieved over 120 people attending the exhibition. As a president I hope to continue engaging people from across non-medical subjects to learn anatomy and broaden the sights of this community, as well as build on our existing academic reputation. I think anatomy is highly interdisciplinary as a study and I hope to attract more members from the arts.

I have also organised medical education events as vascular surgery chair of surgical society, the academic coordinator of INUGSC conference and founder of the MedSesh teaching group for Year 4 medical students. I have previously been president of other societies such as Oxford University Art Soc and Oxford Homeless Action group. As an openly queer medic I also hope to learn with others about the history of anatomy and how modern medicine interacts with issues of gender.

As a penultimate year medical student however, I’m aware although I’ve gained some experience, I have limited time. Hence I can promise I will not take up any other extracurricular society roles so I can focus on leading Anatomy Society in the best way I can. Valeriya, Jessica and I would all like to work together to broaden the appeal of our society and improve access to anatomy-related events, as this ...