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Zvezdin Besarabov
Why are you standing?: 

Hey! I'm doing CS, so I like facts more than promises. Let me share some and leave you to justify my motivation to contribute to our educational environment.

I've been working on research in AI, Blockchain, and IoT for the last four years, and I've always valued sharing the knowledge with others to motivate their success. Hene I led dozens of public lectures in various schools, event venues, and conferences around emerging topics. My biggest favorite is forming and teaching the first Blockchain class in my country, a 3-month programme with 200 students, some of which formed startups in the area later on.

Seeing how things work both as a student and as a teacher is important in understanding educational issues and proposing changes. Our school system is fairly inneffective in stimulating exceptional progress in the area of your interest, so I spent the last two years working with the Ministry of Education on proposing amendments to our national school system for the aforementioned issues. They are currently under review! :oO

I would like to continue analyzing, proposing, and lobbying for changes in UCL. But I'll need your help – not just for votes, but for your thoughts, ideas, and feedback so I know where to focus.