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Tyler Leli
Why are you standing?: 

I am a philosopher by trade, but will keep things simple here. My platform is simple, and can be broken down into five parts.

5-point plank:

1. Practical improvements to our residence: Examples include a plunger in every bathroom, modifying the fans that go on every time you go into the bathroom and kitchen, and implementing more sitting space in the common area.

2. Improve the common area for everyone: this includes getting an HDMI cord to hook computers up to the television, buying a community speaker, getting a vending machine, and other improvements that you all recommend to me.

3. Holding monthly community events: These events will celebrate our diverse community, having a different theme every month. And yes, there will be free alcohol and food for all.

4. Weekly office hours: I will be available every Saturday afternoon in the common room from 5-7 to hear any concerns that you have. I will also have a drop box outside of my flat where you can bring anonymous concerns.

5. Facebook and Social Media Page: I will dedicate a Facebook page to sending out messages about events, taking in anonymous complaints, and generally engaging you, my constituents.