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Position: Student Trustee
Tishuana Mullings
Why are you standing?: 

Making your voice matter is my business. Making sure your issues are processed is my objective. Your interests are mine! Advocating for others is my life purpose. Student governance has been a passion since high school through to undergrad. I served in an oversight position for the student union and Faculty Rep amongst other roles at Northern Caribbean University where I did my undergrad. I believe in servant leadership. This this passion prevail. I am looking forward to ensure you, UCL students, my extended family away from home continues to have a student union that is simply F-A-B-ulous:

FINANCIALLY-SOUND: Generates income and carefully spend in your interest

ACCOUNTABLE: Open, transparent and made up officers who are approachable and responsible

BOLD: Facilitate inclusion and engagement and not afraid to speak up for our rights as students

To serve you well, I will:

1. Ensure you have an educational system/institution that meets your needs

2. Be an ear that listens to your issues/needs and ensure the student union’s plans accordingly

3. Connect with student trustees across universities in London to garner ideas for your best experience at on campus and in London generally.

Learn more about me in the attached document.