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Melissa Hanger
Why are you standing?: 

As a fourth-year medical student, I understand the importance of sport, as a well-needed break from studying that has a great impact on physical and mental wellbeing, and on friendships. I have been a member of various clubs and I have seen that for certain sports, there are limited opportunities to get involved. As president of UCL Volleyball Club this year, I have been able to implement changes that have increased opportunities to play volleyball, for beginners and experienced players alike. However, we still cannot accommodate everyone at UCL who is interested in playing volleyball. This is something that I am very passionate about trying to change, for all sports clubs within UCL! I believe increased access to sports would hugely benefit our large student population. In order to achieve this overall goal of increasing sporting opportunities for UCL students, I aim to do the following:

• Encourage discussion for additional facilities in central London to increase playing time for our societies

• Implement sustainable methods to increase resources available to our clubs

• Introduce regular sessions to help sports players become coaches in their sport, to increase student-run beginner sessions

• Implementing systems to better-integrate welfare into sports clubs

• Encourage greater inter-sport interaction