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Megan McKee
Why are you standing?: 

This year I am the President of UCL Netball Club and also the Student Sports Administrator for TeamUCL. Therefore, I am very familiar with the running of the Student Union, and from both a club committee member and staff perspective, I am aware of the challenges faced. Both positions also demonstrate my leadership, communication and organisational skills which I believe are vital to this role.

As a sports non-portfolio representative, I would encourage continual outreach to social, affiliate and postgrad players and encourage student feedback on all of the different activities ran throughout the year so that we know what can be improved and how we can get more students involved. I’d also like to focus on increasing the club/society-students union relationship by discussing ways in which invoices and contracts from presidents/treasurers could be dealt with by student union staff separately from other general enquiries so that it is more efficient for staff to respond to them.

TeamUCL is a core aspect of my UCL experience, and I would love the opportunity to play a part in improving its structure and outreach.