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Max Rees
Why are you standing?: 

With some of the world’s leading institutes, the faculty’s aim is to protect, promote and improve health across societies. My aim this year is to protect, promote and improve our student body’s wellbeing, expectations, and thoughts so that improvements can be made that would benefit students, staff and departments as a whole. So this year, my priorities would be:

1. To raise departments’ and students’ struggles with Portico so that any issues can be rectified at an earlier stage next year.

2. To ensure timetables of module combinations are released earlier, whether it be at the point of iBSc selection for Medical Students or before starting the academic year for BSc Population Health Students.

3. To introduce a session on module selection to all students who’ve yet to do this previously in their studies.

4. To organise faculty events/socials so that students within different departments can meet more often.

5. To improve student feedback so that departments know which areas (if any) need to be improved - this feedback will ultimately benefit future cohorts, a common interest shared by staff and students alike.

6. To listen to any problems any individual student has, and to raise any difficulties in accessing student support.