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Marine Delgrange
Why are you standing?: 

Dear PGT students of the Faculty of Population Health Sciences,

My name is Marine and I am an incoming French student in the MSc Pop Health. As many of you, I think it is crucial for students to have a saying in what their studies look like to make the most out of it, and this is why I decided to run for Faculty rep. I think my experience as high-school rep and lead of the solidarity committee of the 600 trainees of the European Commission will provide me with a good knowledge of what is waiting for me and how to best represent you. As someone who is very active in societies and events (especially global public health related!) I am also used to managing my time well to ensure that each of my commitments are successfully carried out.

I plan to:

1. Start my mandate with an all-Faculty survey to have a better idea of the issues that you wish to see addressed;

2. Demand to open more spots in popular modules based on statistics of previous years to make it easier for students of an Institute to take modules in another Institute;

3. Create a Facebook group for FPHS students to share interesting events (talks, career-related events, socials) and get to know students outside of their respective programmes.

4. And more!

Please get in touch! Hope to have the pleasure to represent you this year.