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Khush Thakur
Why are you standing?: 

Hi my name is Khush Thakur. I’m a 3rd year astrophysics student and have been a course representative for the past two years. The MAPS department has suffered severe constraints within their facilitation of lectures as well as a lack of communication between the student voice, staff and higher roles within the university. As a faculty rep I will work closely with staff to ensure that a change is made to the arrangement of lecture theatres to ensure they are of a suitable standard for the classes being taught. I also aim to reform the way internal summer research projects and internships are made available in MAPS so that there is more access by students to get involved in roles corresponding to their skills and experience. I plan to do this by pushing departments in MAPS to introduce a new plan where staff advertise any open research/internship roles online or by email in a central location so that students with suitable attributes and qualifications can apply. This will hopefully make it easier to find internships as well all know can be very competitive and help staff to find students that best qualify to fulfil the task they need completed.