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Katherine Forster
Why are you standing?: 

I am a 4th year student at the Slade, previously representing Slade Fine Art Media as an academic rep. Alongside uni, I have worked in the management team of an anarchosocialist arts venue for over two years.

My priorities as your Arts & Humanities faculty rep:

1) Being a proactive advocate.

UCL is big, and it can often feel like individuals don’t have a voice. In the past, I have advocated ferociously for the issues brought to me by other students. I would encourage all students to reach out with their concerns – I will make sure you are heard.

2) Mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Ensuring all students feel they have the support they need is critical. Having experienced a wide array of UCL’s pastoral care, I’m familiar with its strengths and shortcomings. I will work for positive change in protocol and services, and I am here to listen when things go wrong.

3) Interaction between A&H departments.

As your faculty rep, I will work to support the exchange of events, knowledge, and greater interaction between departments, to the benefit of everybody and for a more unified faculty.

A vote for me is a vote for care, solidarity, and collaboration.