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Julian Laufs
Why are you standing?: 

Over the past two years, I have worked relentlessly as a student rep to make the issues of my peers heard and to improve the conditions for taught and research students at our department.

Now it is time to take it to the faculty.

I will fight for:

1. Fair pay for all PGTAs and RAs across all departments.

2. A better standard of working conditions for all.

3. Less bureaucracy in communication with departments and faculty.

4. A more active and connected faculty with more support for PhD societies.

5. Better and faster support for all in research and personal life.

I promise you that if you vote for me, I will always have an open ear for whatever issue you might have and I will help you to improve the conditions for all research students at the faculty permanently. I want to bring this faculty closer together and I want students from all departments to feel like they are part of it.

I know the issues that this faculty has and with your vote, I will tackle them over the coming year.