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Georgia Constantinou
Why are you standing?: 

I have been a student at UCL since 2013, carrying out my BSc in Biomedical Sciences; my MSc in Cancer and now a PhD at the Cancer institute. These past 6 years have given me exposure to the real UCL experience and what it is like to be a student here at all levels, which has truly provided me with an insight into where improvements can and need to be made.

I have previously been a part of the student representative programme during my MSc, so I am well equipped with the skills to address and overcome problems that arise within the student experience.

My focus as Medical Sciences Rep will include:

• To help postgraduate study be a positive experience for students

• For there to be unity between all members of my faculty.

• To ensure all students are supported in every aspect of their student life

I know I will be able to achieve all of this as I have a passion for aiding and assisting the student experience!