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Dory Ghanem
Why are you standing?: 

Hello, I’m Dory Anthony, a 2nd year medical student running for Faculty Representative for Medical Sciences. Since starting at UCL I’ve noticed some students have really valued their time here, and others long for change, so…

My pledges:

- Increase mental health support for students by aiming to introduce an anonymous service where concerns can be raised, and by increasing awareness and accessibility for existing support offered.

- The Medical School this year introduced a curriculum map which summarised all the content that is covered – I would aim to expand this valuable tool to all departments of the faculty, together with broadening the map’s uses. This would support students in their learning and prevent surprises come exam season.

- I also aim to bridge the gap within the departments in Medical Sciences to produce a more sociable environment where ideas can be exchanged, and friendships made.

- I would intend to ensure there are more career-related activities in order to allow students guidance as they progress towards graduation.

- Host meetings with other reps and general faculty members at least once per month to allow everyone a fair say on how the academics of the faculty is run.