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Christos Nikolaou
Why are you standing?: 

Heya! My name is Christos (He/Him), and I am an Archaeology Master’s Student. I hope to contribute to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences as a Faculty Representative!

My experience includes three years as a Student Representative during my Undergraduate at the University of Cambridge, where I received a Highly Commended status from the Award for Outstanding Student Contribution to Education for my services.

Being a Faculty Rep is something that gives you a lot of influence. Hence, I will try to:

• Decolonize: I will ask for an alternate reading list and submit policies that broaden their curricula and integrate post-colonial critiques into their coursework and reading lists

• Re-green: Ask that a review is made of practices in the Faculty, and identify where we can reduce our carbon footprint. Try to apply a Goldsmiths-style policy on reducing the Faculty’s Carbon footprint.

• Help out: Such a high-stress environment can be tough for everyone. I will investigate for any lack of facilities for pastoral care and make sure they are covered. I will also provide a considerate ear 24/7.

The fact that students have a voice in Faculty Boards is a tremendous asset. I will attend all meetings meticulously and be there for everyone’s demands. I hope that you find me worthy of representing you. Should you do so, I’ll be with you till the end of the line.