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Christina Zimmermann
Why are you standing?: 

Dear Social and Historical Sciences - Family!

I am Christina and I am ready to react to your concerns and worries to create a positive and sustainable impact for the Social and Historical Sciences Faculty at UCL.

Since approx. 10 years I am regularly engaging in representative tasks for fellow students or simply other friends in an academic context in different Unis and political organisations across the world. Currently, I am the Course Representative of the 2yr International Master’s Programme in Economy, State and Society at SSEES. However, I want to take action for us as a faculty.

I do not only enjoy supporting and connecting other people but I am experienced and familiar with understanding how to stand up for a team of like-minded fellows within different social structures. I am a reliable, cheerful and approachable person that loves to lend you an ear.

My main topics:

#Environment #Resourcemngmt #StudyExeperience #Facultynetwork

 becoming the most environmentally friendly faculty

 react against resource mismanagement (p.ex. overcrowded rooms, chaotic timetable management, etc.)

 create more options to connect and unite as a faculty

 increase in study spaces and better access to educational resources (p.ex. online tools, lecture recordings) for postgraduates