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Chen Cong
Why are you standing?: 

Hey, everyone! I am Chen Cong (Jessie). Nice to meet you:)


I am strongly aware that the Heating in many rooms doesn't work, and it indeed bothers our life. If I can be a Hall Rep, the priority I will do is to report this issue and address it as soon as possible! ( That's why I want to be a Hall Rep--to create a functional dormitory and foster a comfortable sense of community)


I believe I am qualified for the role, because:

*I am one of Accommodation Ambassadors this year (who are in pink T-shirt and guided you guys when you came here), so I am definitely familiar with accommodation stuff.

*I was a course representative on my pre-sessional programme for the last 3 months, so I know how to deal with concerns efficiently with staff and. I will be committed to represent us and protect our rights furthest.

*I'm studying Psychology of Education. If you are in a bad mood, you can chat with me whenever you wish. I'm willing to be your listener.

*My motherland is China. Since most of us are Chinese, you may feel easier to contact me timely. In the meantime, when foreign friends encounter some confusion about China, I'll be available 24-7. We are family~~ (we can organise social events and get-togethers monthly!)


I'll put forward changes from cheaper laundry facilities to security cameras installation. I'm always happy to make our voices to be heard. I wish we all to have the best living experience in New Hall. Cheers guys!