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Ashleigh Huddart
Why are you standing?: 

I’m Ashleigh, a full-time MSc Security Studies student (Department of Politics). I am experienced in public speaking, and have served in positions of academic representation for over 10 years. I’m running to be Faculty Rep in order to help achieve a more inclusive atmosphere. My main priorities are:

1. Diversifying the Curriculum. If elected, I would seek to work with Liberating the Curriculum here at UCL to host focus groups with students in our faculty, about how we may better diversify the reading material in our curricula.

2. Digitising Key Texts. While UCL already has a comprehensive policy for digitising resources, I would seek to gather information on the key texts for each course that have not yet been digitised. Not everyone is able to afford every key text, and we need to better address this issue.

3. Streamlining Communication. As the Head of Publicity & Social Media for a local charity, I understand the need for more efficient communication. My manifesto alone cannot cover the numerous and diverse needs of the 60+ courses that I seek to represent. As Faculty Rep, I will establish an online suggestion box which would be accessible 24/7.

Questions? Please email me at