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Amélie Clark
Why are you standing?: 

As hall rep, my priority would be to make both Ramsay and Ian Baker enjoyable for all, enhancing our university experience. I will make sure that all voices are heard, regarding all matters of life in our accommodation.

Making our spaces more environmentally-friendly is my main concern. A crucial starting point is to install another bin in kitchens, separating recycling and general waste. Other projects include collaborating with the cafeteria to produce less waste from meals: serving smaller portions but being able to go get seconds, allowing students to collect whatever is left over after meals and donating the rest to the soup kitchen down the street.

Another subject that I wish to touch on is to make Ramsay and Ian Baker more integrated socially. Hosting formal events such as nice dinners or balls alongside barbecues during warmer seasons, game nights as well as parties will help integrate residents in different blocks of our halls. These events will help us get to know people from Ramsay and Ian Baker who we might not have a chance to regularly interact with.

I am an approachable and open person, and wish to be the voice of any issues raised by you. :)