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Hall Committees
Voting closed 7 months ago.
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1


Juan Vargas

Why are you standing?: 

Hi, I am Sebastian Ramirez, MSc student from the Bartlett School of planning, and Im interested in pursuing this role because although Ive lived in the university accommodation for a relatively short period of time, I think there is a lot we could do to improve our quality of living.

I believe that my social and communication skills would provide me an advantage on pursuing this role.

My goal is to provide solutions and guidance to each of the students residing in our accommodation, but more importantly and particularly, since our accommodation caters to families only, solve the queries of each of the family members that reside in our accommodation e.g. wives and kids.

On the other hand I would like to provide assistance to the community members regarding queries such as transportation to the university, since from our location is not as close to Uni; guidance on schooling or other sort of daycare for our kids if necessary, among others.

I'd also like to promote activities of integration between the residents, so that we get that feeling of belonging to a community.

Emilie Dufwa / Emilie Dufwa

Why are you standing?: 

I believe that students should be able to enjoy their time at university, without taking the burden of oppressive debts. With rent and tuition fees rising, students are being put under awful financial pressure. The rent is high due to the marketisation of universities and the profit-seeking of landlords.

If elected as your halls’ representative, I will support the UCL CUT THE RENT campaign, which campaigns for affordable, quality accommodation for all students in UCL halls. UCL Cut the Rent organized rent strikes to achieve £1.5 million worth of rent subsidies in 2016, and rent freezes across halls - we can take this even further!

Mass action is needed to win FREE AND QUALITY HOUSING FOR ALL. We must link our fight with the labour movement to organise a national rent strike. The student halls, the housing stock, and the biggest construction companies must be nationalised, without compensation, under the democratic control of students and workers. Only a socialist society can achieve this.

I am under no illusions that this will be easily achieved. But when the stakes are as high – when our future is on the line – this is a fight worth fighting.

Manifesto document: 
Emilie Dufwa