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Hall Representatives
Voting closed 11 months ago.
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1


Hamoun Movassagian

Why are you standing?: 

Hey! I am Hamoun from Germany and I am studying Econ here at UCL. I would love to become Hall Rep at James Lighthill because I believe that my determination, reliability and communication skills will allow me to effectively solve the everyday issues and problems that we as students might have as individuals, but also as a community of students.

Most importantly, I find that there is a lack of good communication between the hall staff, especially the reception, and us students.

The common room definitely has to be revamped and I will definitely try to get UCL to get us a pool table so that more of us actually enjoy being there.

Other very pressing issues currently on my mind include the poor condition of many rooms and issues such as dirty windows and many students being unable to rest well because of noise and windows coming loose.

So if you are looking for a hall rep who will stand up for you, vote for me!