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Hall Representatives
Voting closed 7 months ago.
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1


Nikou Alemi

Why are you standing?: 

I want to help students in Campbell West and East address any problems they might be encountering in order to preserve and improve our house. I think I would be a good hall rep because I am open, approachable and love to interact with all kinds of people. This links to my manifesto priorities which include ensuring everyone regardless of race, gender, religion, sexuality... feel included and safe in our house. I believe having a nurturing and positive environment to live and work in is key to academic success. I want to ensure that mental health and stress related issues are addressed seriously and as soon as possible. I would go about all this by arranging weekly hall socials as a chance to just touch base and have a relaxing couple hours regrouping with hall friends after all our busy course schedules. I also want to set up monthy online questions where students can vote for or against a motion on how best to improve our house. Voting for me will ensure a fun but also caring future for Campbell House.

Manifesto document: