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Faculty representatives
Voting will open in 1 day 35 min.
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1


Elisabeth Groenveld /

Why are you standing?: 

Hi, my name is Elisabeth Groenveld or “Chris” and I am running for the position of Faculty Rep for Social & Historical Sciences (Postgraduate Taught) because:

- University should be a safe space for everyone. No violence or hate crime must be tolerated

- Drinking water should be delicious, free of plastic and available all over campus

I support UCU action and am experienced at institutional reform

- I am listening if you have ideas you want represented in the union council

I am an experienced representing diverse communities, winning funds and putting pressure on political institutions to deliver on investment. I have advocated on behalf of marginalised groups, promoted inclusion of disabled people and ethnic/religious minorities and supported individuals to access mental health care and financial aid. I am an active member of UCU. I believe these skills and experiences make me an ideal candidate.

Thank you for reading. Free to get in contact with me to ask questions about my campaign:

Manifesto document: 

Imaad Ahmed /

Why are you standing?: 

The faculty representative role presents a vital link between postgrad students and the department of social and historical sciences. Throughout my undergrad studies, I have developed the necessary skills and gained the relevant experiences to ensure the academic, personal and welfare needs of fellow students are well represented at UCL.


- Currently pursuing master’s studies in Public Policy, after completing bachelor’s degree in Politics and International Studies

- Working as a policy consultant for an independent grant-making body, aiming to represent the most disadvantaged members of our community

- Visited and lectured at universities throughout Yogyakarta in Indonesia, as part of the British Embassy


- Allow for access to rooms across departmental buildings to deal with inadequate spacing within the faculty

- Organise a forum to enable students and staff to clarify any concerns pertaining to the courses/modules or suggest any ideas for changes

- Encourage students to take all opportunities available and feedback their experiences to the department, including module evaluations and Periodic Reviews

The aim is simply to present the suggestions and concerns of postgrad students within the faculty as one coherent voice, working towards a higher-quality education and fairer representation of the student body.

Lena Homayr /

Why are you standing?: 

My main aim will be that student's voices are heard. I think through collective work of committees, staff and students we can make UCL a better institution. My main concern will be to implement the wishes of the Social & Historical Science Postgraduates.

Over the next year I would like to bring more power to the students and translate that power into more changes benefiting students.

I will make sure to be in regular contact with the students I represent, ensuring all issues are listened to. Furthermore, I would like to implement an Online Forum, where students can submit feedback and complaints as students Feedback should direct educational improvements.

As a student Rep I bring creativity, commitment and leadership experience to the role. In my bachelor’s degree I already worked as a Student Rep and this experience I would like to use at UCL to successfully implement your demands.

Some ideas I already have:

Technology can improve education. It could be beneficial if all lectures are recorded and made available immediately online/lectures should be live broadcasted. Then students can revise the lecture easily at home.

Furthermore, I think it might be wished that there is more free choice in module selection. Or that module section can be changed more flexible, especially for the second term.