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Faculty representatives
Voting closed 7 months ago.
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1


Mutong Li

Why are you standing?: 

As one of the few males in our faculty, I have absolutely no clue what I should change about our faculty for the benefits of you, YET I am certain that your opinions would be my first priority without a doubt (well if I get elected).

I may not be an expert of being a "rep" of anything to be honest, but this means that instead of being an arrogant douchebag (no offense to real "rep" expert *fingers cross*), I am going to be humble (~sit down~) and definitely open-minded.

Plus, I'm ridiculously approachable, so you are going to find me as a good listener, and perhaps a good friend if you're LIT (everyone is though! Am I right?).

At last, vote for me? VOTE FOR ME! (*no aggressiveness intended*).

p.s. I'm Toby and not joking.

Pandora Zilstorff

Why are you standing?: 

Hi, I'm Pandora and I would love to be the Faculty Rep for Population Health Sciences. This is due to a variety of reasons; however, the ultimate reason would be to be able to help others, make changes for the better and hopefully implement these changes into reality.

I personally think this position would be very suitable for me because I am a very considerate person and would take everyone's needs and wishes into consideration. In addition to this, I'm very committed and will grasp every opportunity to fulfil every aspect of this role. Overall, I would love to make this course more enjoyable for everyone!

Zaheer Badat

Why are you standing?: 

My experiences as a Target Med Mentor, helping those apply for Medicine and as a part time teacher at a weekend school have taught me the importance of students being at the centre of their own learning. I understand the difference it can make when their views are brought to the forefront of discussions; as your Faculty Rep, this is exactly what I hope to do – I promise to prioritise students and their needs, ensuring you are fairly represented to the SU and university.

My policies include:

• Working towards a more accessible learning experience for students by improving the use of Moodle and Lecturecast in teaching.

• Ensure guidelines and marking schemes for assessments and coursework’s are clear, concise and consistent across the various departments, especially closer to exam times

• Improving the way in which students apply for and are allocated their research projects to ensure a more efficient and reliable system

• Streamlining processes such as module selections.

• Greater pastoral support for all students and understanding that IBSc, MSc and PhD students each have different needs and services.

Serving as your Faculty Rep would be a privilege and one I hope to do to the best of my ability. Thank you

Manifesto document: 

Yebeen Boo

Why are you standing?: 

I have several experiences in leadership roles including being an academic representative of year 1 Population Health. Last year, I worked with other representatives to improve teaching and evaluation quality of assessments in the department and worked to allow a change in degree name for Q-step students. This year, my priority will be suggesting the faculty committee to reconsider the change in degree name, looking after students’ welfare and improving the UCL psychology services.