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Faculty representatives
Voting closed 7 months ago.
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1


Philipp Schorscher

Why are you standing?: 

I believe that communication and team work are the two most important pillars to aid learning and progress in an academic institution. This is why I will work towards a more collaborative postgraduate student agenda that incorporates:

• fast and efficient exchange of ideas

• all year-round academic collaboration between students and staff

• continued efforts to incorporate your ideas, concerns and expectations

• regular student forums to foster an environment of accessibility, representativeness

and support

I bring a great deal of expertise to the table which will allow me to make your voices heard!

As the president for Sussex’s MSF society I co-organised and lead 4 national and international conferences addressing a wide scope of global affairs. I have worked as a member on several boards and committees such as CORBIS, Medical Leadership Society and Students for GH, which were comprised of students and academics alike, always aiming to engage and conflate ideas and expectations from all members of the team.

I am very approachable, open and always have an ear for critique, discussion and improvement, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me! ?

In short, I want to help YOU make this academic year as flourishing and successful as possible!

Manifesto document: 

Faiza Chishti

Why are you standing?: 

Representing a department, let alone an entire faculty, is a massive responsibility, and I am willing to be the voice of all the departments in the Faculty of Population Health Sciences.

Miss a lecture? No need to stress. I will get it recorded for you!

Problems with a module or with the language or teaching style? No sweat. Let your class representatives know so that they convey it to me, and I will try to find the best solution to optimize your learning experience!

If elected, no stone will be left unturned to provide the student body with all the support it needs. This is a sacred post which belongs to not only the person elected, but to the entire faculty that chooses to be represented by one face - a face of the students, by the students and for the students.

Will Raderman

Why are you standing?: 

I'm running because I'm passionate and really enjoy working to ensure that all students are getting the most out of their university experience, feel supported, and have their voices heard by faculty and administration.

As Faculty Rep for Population Health Sciences, my priorities will be:

1) Push for UCL to both completely divest from fossil fuels and to focus university investments on clean energy solutions. (In order to protect the global population's health, we must be doing everything we can to combat climate change.)

2) Advocate for buildings at UCL to rely on solar power.

3) Work to help eradicate food insecurity faced by students at UCL.

4) Advocate for optional module schedules to be posted months in advance, so prospective students can understand what combinations of courses they can actually choose.

Elvire Landstra

Why are you standing?: 

Hello fellow UCL-students,

I am Elvire Landstra and I take the Msc Population Health. Overall, my goal is to make it easier for students to make the most of their education at UCL. Every (postgraduate) student at UCL is motivated, ambitious and committed. While UCL offers world-class facilities and conducts leading research, we should ensure every student can benefit fully from these opportunities. Three concrete examples:

Firstly, I believe there should be more possibilities for master students to contribute to ongoing research. This could be done by opening op more research assistant positions. This will also ease the transition from a master’s degree to a(n) (academic) job.

Secondly, many students that I have spoken to wish to take extra courses and receive credit for this. Currently, they can only take courses as a guest. As faculty rep, I would make it one of my priorities to make this possible.

Thirdly, I believe we would all benefit from a clearer, more easily accessible agenda with an overview of upcoming extra lectures and events related to your field of study. This allows you to keep track of the upcoming lectures by world-class professors, without receiving a multitude of e-mails.

Manifesto document: