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Faculty representatives
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Andreea Cuciuc

Why are you standing?: 

During my first year at UCL, I faced numerous organizational challenges and issues, but sadly, most of the time, students have no other choice but to close their eyes and get used to it. My motivation to apply is to have the chance to improve your experience at UCL and to make you feel like your voice is heard. It is taunting to be surrounded by 40000 students, and for most of you, in a foreign country, away from home. It's really easy to feel alone and too scared to talk, thinking that no one will be listening- I know, I've been there.

 For this reason, I want to make every student realize that they are not just a number on a paper- they are important, their voice matters and each one of you are what gives UCL it's name.

My vision:

 Because of the lack of proper student feedback on fairly new courses, most of the student dissatisfaction came from the trial-an-error feature of the courses. I wish to dedicate my time here to improve the student experience-both for current students and for freshers.

  My current goals are: more accademic support and 1-to-1 tutoring sessions, tutoring support for internship and job applications and job-skills seminars.

 My other goal is lowering the maximum time for exam result release, which at the moment is 2 months. Waiting this amount of time for your results, and double that if you undertook Late Summer Assesement is truly nerve-wracking.

 Finally, I hope that ...

Mohammed Islam / Mohammed Islam

Why are you standing?: 

Being a student with the ability to resourcefully achieve solutions to both academic and non-academic problems and set backs makes me the perfect candidate for this position. Having continually worked on my ability to communicate effectively to both smaller and larger audiences, while understanding and distinguishing between what is the perfect solution and what solution is current and practical gives me aptitude to not only strive for a long term solution or a goal but also a current and practical resolution for the short term stint to improve the experience of the individuals that have brought the question up in the first place. Amongst all the striving and struggling for better experience I also believe my fellow faculty mates should be encouraged to engage and use the facilities and applications that work and are improved to be both appreciative of the good there is but also to understand and realize those services that are not up to the standard when it may come across as to be of the right standard in the short term. Optimistic in nature but also patient as an individual as not all things have a quick fix makes me the perfect candidate for this position.

Manifesto document: 
Mohammed Islam

Dilen Parmar

Why are you standing?: 

UCL’s Faculty of Medical Sciences is renowned for its medical education and its strengths as a global powerhouse for pioneering research and innovation. As Representative for Medical Sciences, I will strive for the dynamic enhancement of each of the 60+ programmes hosted by the faculty via effective and transparent discussion of course affairs with academic representatives, followed by negotiation of concerns on behalf of my peers at the faculty level. Through my roles as a Representative for Education in the first two years of my course, and later, a Lead Department Representative for the Institute of Cardiovascular Science, I have developed the qualities necessary to truly advocate the student voice and will continue to do this by attending faculty committee meetings, liaising with staff within the faculty and collaborating with the Students’ Union to communicate all arising issues and feedback on all changes. I wish to develop a strong rapport between academic staff and students to ensure that we evolve as a faculty and provide a seamless and inspiring educational experience to students across every stream, thus continuing to produce world-class graduates in the medical sciences.