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Faculty representatives
Voting closed 8 months ago.
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1


Roxanna Zakeri / Judith Pape

Why are you standing?: 

We would like to stand for Faculty Representative Postgraduate Research for the Faculty of Medical Sciences this year to continue our work from last academic year.

Who are we?

Judith has taken the traditional academic route of BSc, MRes and then PhD whilst Roxanna is a surgeon who has come into research during her training to complete a PhD. We feel that together we can represent the wide range of students in the Faculty, covering the needs of both scientists and clinicians, early and late year students, and work together to implement change for causes most applicable to you.

What changes do we want?

We have made significant progress with campaigning for more regular and punctual stipend payments, more frequent PhD inductions throughout the year, and helping to create PhD Supervisor-Student contracts. We would love the opportunity to continue campaigning for recognition and payment for PGR students for the hours spent supervising undergraduate and postgrad taught course students, including lab-based supervision. We want PGR students to be increasingly valued as members of the Faculty and have successfully worked with Faculty committee to gain funding for PGR student networking and social events. We promise we will work hard to make this year as fun and collaborative as possible!

Judith Pape