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Faculty representatives
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Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1



Why are you standing?: 

I am Evelyn, the first-year of undergraduate studying Mathematics and Statistics science. I am really willing to try my best to give suggestions to our tutors, in order to make our department better. My main focus, if elected, would go towards obtaining advice and holding more activities about Mathematics. Also, I would make our common room a better environment, a more convenient place for students.With your input, I would work in collaboration with department to address issues and enact proposed changes, making sure that matters are settled in a timely fashion.

I am looking forward to be the academic student representative and I will be here to hear your thoughts. Have a great year with you guys!

Manifesto document: 

Ayman Benmati

Why are you standing?: 

I recognize being a voice for the student body is no small feat. Such a role requires one to be ambitious, capable and approachable. I believe I am well equipped to fulfill this role and I intend to support the interests of all MAPS students. Through my tenure as manager at an education company in London, I learnt how be innovative and flexible, and liaised between different groups to form effective relationships, e.g. I improved the accessibility of the course to dyslexic students by working with both their parents and higher management. I hope to utilise these skills to be an effective faculty representative.

This year, I will ensure:

1. Lecture notes are reviewed yearly and are comprehensive and clear.

2. Text book costs are subsidised where possible.

3. All coursework to be returned to students within 14 days.

4. LectureCast is utilized by all teaching staff where possible.

5. All lectures and exams are held in suitable venues.

Representing the interests and views of my MAPS peers would be a privilege - I promise to endeavor to support all MAPS students during their time at UCL, and to ensure they receive the enjoyable, holistic and valuable experience students deserve.

Nikolai Juraschko

Why are you standing?: 

Over the years UCL seems to have forgotten that students are what makes up this university!

As your representative I want to work with the faculty to prioritize students again.

- Teaching spaces like the Royal National Hotel aren’t sufficiently equipped, and despite that some departments still make use of them causing regular complaints from us students. Therefore, we need a faculty wide decision on suitable spaces.

- I will endeavour to represent your ideas and concerns to the faculty and Union to produce solutions to make your university experience what you would expect it to be, e.g. keep working towards proper feedback on all your coursework.

- I will also make sure that your opinions about module selection and exam venues for example are being considered on the Union Council.

Having worked as a Maths Department StAR I am familiar with the universities structure. One thing I noticed is that information doesn´t get passed on from representatives to the students very well.

- That´s why I want to establish a more efficient system via which important information actually reaches you, giving you more possibilities.

To do all this, I need YOUR vote!

Manifesto document: 

Yanqi Cheng

Why are you standing?: 

Hi, I am Joy, I enjoy helping for school affairs and really want to get involved in our department development.

The reason why I think I am suitable for the role is that I will be very responsible for the duty which been assigned to me and got the experience of gathering suggestions and communicating between school and us from being a member of several school councils in my previous college. Besides this, I am an easy-going person so I am sure that we will have good communication about our course and study experiences.

If I got the position of being the Rep in our faculty, I would treasure this opportunity and try my best to voice your opinions and suggestions!

So please vote for me :) :) :)

Manifesto document: 

Sulayman Desai

Why are you standing?: 

As a friendly, open and dedicated member of the Maths and Physical Sciences department, I am a natural fit for the role of Faculty Representative for our department. During my A-Level studies, I gained the role of student-leader for my cohort, in an effort to increase the student experience within the institution. Speaking up on the effectiveness of lessons and the timetabling approach of the school with the heads of department and sixth form led to a more positive and independent teaching style, focused on attaining the highest grades, and a more organised timetable to allow for the self-development of individuals.

My pledge to my fellow members of the Maths and Physical Sciences Faculty is to:

• Ensure all lecturers make use of LectureCast to a high standard so students can re-watch and reflect on any missed points in lectures.

• Campaign against the use of the ExCel Arena for summer exams after many complaints of loud noise from plane fly-overs.

• Encourage students and tutors to gain a closer working relationship so students have someone to speak to about their well-being and the steps of moving on from university.

• Ensure students get to make the most of their time at UCL!

Ulkar Aligulova

Why are you standing?: 

I am standing because I believe that students' views and opinions about their faculty should be treated with utmost importance since it is the university's primary duty to make sure their students' experiences are as positive as possible. For this to be the case it is crucial that their voices are heard and taken into account. If elected, I will make it my priority to get to know and talk to as many students in my faculty as possible to get the most accurate representation of their needs and feelings in order to bring those up with the staff in the faculty and the Union. I will deal with some of the big issues, such as lectures being held in unsuitable rooms instead of lecture halls, the need to lecturecast all the lectures and creating more study spaces for students. But I also believe there are no issues too small to consider and feel that every single student's voice deserves to be heard. I will work hard to ensure no student feels left out of the conversation so that together we make positive changes in the faculty.

Espen Bergqvist

Why are you standing?: 

I understand that all students have to juggle between societies, homework and a healthy social life. I want to take pressure off my fellow course-mates and help them communicate with the department without them having to go through the panic inducing process of sending nerve-racking emails to professors who increasingly grow annoyed with our combined incompetence.

Furthermore, I have a long history of public speaking and have practiced debate since 7th grade winning multiple awards in international competitions. This experience will aid me as I will argue on behalf of the students, and will ensure that our views are heard and respected by department.

I believe that I am the best fit for this position not only because of my experience in debates and public speaking but also due my ability to remain organised and committed to many extracurricular activities at the same time. If elected, this would become my top priority and I would not let myself and all of you down. Our voices will be heard.

Xiaobo Ma

Why are you standing?: 

I would like to talk about my personal experience that I have studied Applied Mathematics in a university in China for 2 years before transferring to UCL. Having joined in one-year Buddy Program (similar to UCL Transition Programme) and self-employed as a personal Math module tutor for 6 peer students, I was always keen to help others achieve academic improvements and make the most of university’s resource with carefulness and patience.

Sometimes I compare the great journey in UCL with my previous university life. UCL has created a liberal and diverse environment for everyone while still there is a lot remaining to improve. I wish that all the voice from our faculty can be heard and anything that benefits students’ priorities can be promoted in the committee. If I could be elected for our faculty representative, I would do my best to push forward:

• faculty welcoming activities in induction week

• career talks and networking events

• speeches and panels held by senior faculty students about course selections

• better study space availability for our faculty undergraduates

• regular survey in forms of online questionnaires about students’ experience on lectures, coursework and tutorials etc.

• anything else that you want to improve!

Maximilian Richards

Why are you standing?: 

I am standing because I have a passion for helping others and seeing improvement in areas that I dedicate myself too. I've been a student in the faculty for nearly 3 years, and have been involved in a range of department lead activities, which has helped me enormously in the past years - and i'd love to take any opportunity to give something back.