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Faculty representatives
Voting closed 7 months ago.
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1


Dana Samatar

Why are you standing?: 

If elected as your Faculty Representative, I will ensure that every Law student's suggestions are discussed with Faculty staff and the Students' Union. As a BME student, I recognise the importance of representation and the importance of having your views heard. Being outgoing and results-oriented means I will be sure to bring about change in areas Law students care about.

At the forefront of my election campaign is to make sure that each Law student is comfortable with their Personal Tutor, able to go to them with concerns and benefits from meetings with them. Alongside this I aim to achieve the introduction of guidance counsellors or career mentors, especially through first year, to aid in carving out a career path. I will be suggesting more skills-based introductory lectures for first years, for example, tips on how to read material effectively and extract information from cases. One of my main goals as Faculty Representative is to draw more attention on taking care of mental health and stress levels whilst studying Law. Although exam timetables were released earlier in 2018, some Law students believe it would be beneficial to receive exam timetables in early Term 2, which I aim to achieve.

Manifesto document: 

Deniz Akinci

Why are you standing?: 

I will be an active representative, constantly speaking to people and making it easy for people to reach me with their concerns. Not only I will do my best to represent your academic concerns to the faculty, but I will also do my best to represent you and your wishes in Union Council.

The time commitment is no issue for me and I can focus on the job.

I have experience representing my class in high school, and I am known for the hard stance I take on students behalf when there is a disagreement with the faculty.