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Ganesh Khadka

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As a second-year research student, I have genuinely felt that research students are scattered at IOE. The research community is a bit isolated. Hardly 6/7 students attain seminars and meetings. Not enough activities are done to integrate us. I think this is one of the reasons why we have failed to raise voices that matter to us. There isn't even a Ph.D. society. Concerns of space, the obligation to audit only two Masters modules, annual increase of our tuition fees, enforcing hard policies on international students as checkpoints are some of the issues I feel we must debate and find a feasible solution. If elected, I will ensure that our voices are raised collectively. I will create a vibrant community who are not only researching but are also actively engaging with their fellow researchers.

Let us raise the voice and let me be your voice. Over the past years, I have initiated a number of projects and created an impact in my community. Allow me to share that expertise and create an impact during our doctoral study at UCL. After all, 80,000 words will give us a title but the experience, network, and relationship that we will build during our journey at IOE will value more than just a degree. Let's build that community together.