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Faculty representatives
Voting closed 8 months ago.
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1


Tianyi Wang

Why are you standing?: 

Hello all!

My name is Tianyi Wang and I am running for the year rep of our engineering faculty. Being new to London myself, I am very willing to help other fellow students to face the challenges the new environment brings. And I believe my will of helping you guys can be supported by my communicational and organisational skills acquired from my previous experience.(You can read more about me in my manifesto!)

My priority for this year would first be to create a online forum for students in our faculty to put forward and discuss their problems 24/7, allowing me to frequently check on the needs of our students community and effectively reflect them to the university. I will ensure that all lecture materials to be uploaded on time for people who find lectures difficult to follow. I will also try my best to provide many opportunities for people to connect with each other in our faculty, where lots of people with the same goals can be found, befriended, and become parts of your networks. But most importantly, I will constantly listening to your opinions and ideas, making sure that your voices are heard and actions will be taken.

Manifesto document: 

Ammar Chughtai

Why are you standing?: 

Hey, I’m Ammar Chughtai, a 3rd year Chemical Engineering student hoping to be your next Engineering Faculty Representative! Having spent two years here, in one of the largest Engineering departments at UCL, I feel that I’ve developed the necessary knowledge, skills and contacts to take your ideas, suggestions and concerns, present them to UCL as one coherent voice, and work for a higher-quality, more student-centric education than the one we currently receive!

UCL is lacking when it comes to student satisfaction. Our student satisfaction scores in the NSS are shockingly low for a global top-10 university. We need to come together as one student voice and raise our concerns in a unified, coherent manner, that clearly demonstrates to UCL that we, as students, are deserving of more!

UCL Engineering is arguably one of the most populous Faculties on campus, with thousands of students to boot. We have a longstanding reputation within the global Engineering community, yet the current standard of educational provision within engineering at UCL doesn’t match up to this historic reputation. We should come together as students to present our ideas to the Department and push for their implementation. I'm ready for change, are you?