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Faculty representatives
Voting closed 8 months ago.
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1


Abbas Ali

Why are you standing?: 

If you are searching for an enthusiastic, approachable and vocal representative for our faculty then I hope to be that person. I have represented many students in the last three years, including making positive changes during my undergraduate days and most recently, the UCL Entrepreneurship MSc class in 2017. In this position, I mediated with the programme directors and tutors to fine tune the delivery and improve our student experience. This was done, amongst others, by providing feedback on the programme content, suggesting ideas for future development in both the programme and student life, consulting with employers and academics on the design of the programme.

This year, I promise to represent my faculty in a number of ways;

- Creation of an efficient communication platform to resolve all issues however small, regarding assignments, course supervisors, managing workload and stress, or the influence of personal pressure on academic success.

- Organise attendance to lectures beyond the curriculum (which I’m currently organising), collaboration and networking drives innovation and will give us insight into our present projects and potential work we would like to take up in the future.

- Ensure guidelines and marking schemes for assessments and coursework’s are clear, concise and consistent across the various departments, especially closer to exam times.

- Text book costs are subsidised where possible.